Qingxiu District establishes "Window of City" Traffic Environment Special Inspection Team


Recently, Qingxiu District of Nanning City issued the “Special Inspection Work Plan for the Urban Environment and Traffic Smoothing Projects on the Urban Entrances and Exits, Traffic Sites, and Main Roads in Qingxiu District”, established the “Window of City” Traffic Environment Special Inspection Team to take the urban entrances and exits, the traffic stations and the urban appearance of important routes as the main direction to strengthen the inspection, and further promoted the image and quality of the Green City. The inspection team is divided into four groups, which are headed by the city level leaders. The Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau, the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of the Administration for Industry and Commerce and other responsible departments sent the personnel to form team members to cooperate with each other, refine management, and strictly put the work in place.

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