Comprehensively improve flood control and drainage capacity of Yongjiang River


Recently, Nanning Mayor Zhou Hongbo led a team to inspect the construction of the pumping station for flood control and drainage in the urban area of Yongjiang River. He stressed that the flood control and drainage work in Yongjiang River should be based on the construction of the upper and lower reaches of Yongjiang River and the comprehensive rectification of the two sides of the river, as well as the accelerated construction of the central city to the flood control and drainage work in Yongjiang River. The new changes will be made to further improve the emergency plan, coordinate and do a good job in the construction and maintenance of the pumping station facilities in Yongjiang River for flood control and drainage. It is necessary to clarify the objectives, innovate the system and mechanism, and steadily promote the transformation of management work into specialization and socialization. On the basis of accelerating the realization of cluster control and grid emergency response in the urban flood control project, we will focus on establishing a big data information platform for the automation of flood control engineering information and an information sharing system of the flood control project, speed up the improvement of the comprehensive system of flood control and drainage in the smart city, and improve the rapid response capacity of flood control and drainage.

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