Citizens experience administrative examination and approval on Publicity Day of Governmental Affairs


Recently, Cyberspace Administration of Nanning and Nanning Municipal Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau, together with Guangxi News Network, Nanning News Network and other media, invited 50 enthusiastic netizens and business representatives to enter the Nanning Civic Center to launch the series of themed activities of "Netizens to See Nanning" in 2018 -- “Entering into the Nanning Civic Center to Experience the Government Service” and the “Publicity Day of Governmental Affairs” of the Nanning Civic Center. At the event site, netizens watched the publicity videos of the civic center, visited the main functions of each floor of the civic center, and experienced the process of government service work. In the examination and approval window for industry and commerce and the examination and approval window for construction projects, the staff introduced innovative service contents such as the “Full Chain Examination and Approval” and the “Integration of Four Examination and Approval Procedures” to the netizens, making the netizens experience the examination and approval business and process of government service, and understand the work of government service.

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