World champion of ping-pong communicates with players


Recently, the press conference of the 2nd National Ping-Pong Team Championship was held in Nanning. Xiao Keyong, head coach of Chinese ping-pong team, and Yan Weihao, dual champion of World Ping-Pong Cup, also appeared in Nanning, cheering for the upcoming event. The 2nd National Ping-Pong Team Championship sponsored by China Pong-Pong Super League and Nanning Sports Federation will be held in Nanning from July 14th to 15th to help the further promotion of ping-pong. It is understood that after the end of the exchange activities in Nanning, Xiao Keyong and Yan Weihao exchanged ideas and experiences with the players in Nanning, which is welcomed by ping-pong enthusiasts in Nanning.

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