Strong rainfall in Nanning City causes operation of 79 reservoirs above flood caution level


Recently, it was learned from the Nanning Municipal Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters Office that due to heavy rainfall, the 79 reservoirs in the city operated above the flood caution level. As of noon on the 8th, the city's various reservoirs and hydropower projects were operating normally, and no reports of dangers and disasters were received.

Nanning Municipal Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters Office requires that all flood prevention departments at all levels in the city should do their best to prevent heavy rainfall; strengthen monitoring and forecasting, and timely report important information; strengthen the prevention of geological disasters such as mountain torrents, and do a good job in monitoring and early warning of key areas; grasp the safety of the reservoir and hydropower station, and conscientiously carry out the management of the flood season control operation plan; strengthen the flood control safety along the medium and small rivers, prevent urban and rural water logging, and pay attention to secondary disasters such as the collapse of sheds, outdoor billboards, trees, etc. that may be caused by strong convective weather.

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