Creating typical models to help rural vitalization


In June, there are good scenery everywhere in the demonstration areas (belts) and demonstration villages (points) of Nanning City.

Since the launch of the “Beautiful Nanning · Ecological Village” campaign in May 2013, Nanning has created typical models as the breakthrough, adopting the “Paying Close Attention to the Points, Driving the Lines, and Promoting the Areas” approach, building city-level typical models in counties (development zones) such as comprehensive ecological demonstration villages, comprehensive ecological demonstration areas (belts), ecological characteristic towns, etc. Typical models will radiate and drive the development of other villages and continue to lead the rural areas in realizing the advantages of strong agriculture, beautiful rural areas, and rich farmers, and will further enhance the determination and confidence of the masses to revitalize the countryside and build a well-off society in an all-round way.

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