Nanning City launches activities on World Blood Donor Day


June 14 this year is the fifteenth World Blood Donor Day. On June 10, Nanning launched the “World Blood Donor Day” campaign, thanked the selfless dedication of unpaid blood donors, promoted the positive energy of charity, and guaranteed clinical blood supply and safety.

On the same day, Guangxi’s champions of blood donation, Nanning’s first “Top Ten Most Beautiful Blood Donors” and the first pair of “Five-star Blood Donation Stars” Wei Peichang and Gong Yandi, and many unpaid blood donors in Nanning gathered to watch the stories of the “Blood Donation Stars” — Huang Wenguang, Liang Hongying, and the three sisters with the rare blood type Li Xueying, Li Xuelei, Li Li, and the performances with Southeast Asian characteristics.

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