Nanning makes advanced preparations for flood prevention


In order to do a solid job in this year's flood prevention and drainage work, the Municipal Engineering Administration Office of Nanning is based on the idea of “Preventing Big Floods and Rescuing Big Dangers”, adheres to the principle of “Scientific Dispatching, Taking Precautions, Prevention-oriented, and Combining Prevention and Rescue Together”, and is carefully prepared, strengthens measures, implements responsibilities, and does its best to prepare for flood prevention and drainage in Nanning City.

In accordance with the work ideas of "Preplan Must Be True, Measures Must Be Practical, Actions Must Be Quick, and Strengthening Responsibilities", Nanning will revise and improve emergency preplan on flood control and drainage, timely adjust members of flood prevention and drainage leading team, prepare work manual of flood prevention and drainage, designate the departments and apply responsibility to each individual. Nanning will also arrange for the logistical support and emergency rescue teams, and carry out special drills for pumping equipment, line erection, and emergency disposal in due course to improve emergency handling capacity in the flood season.

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