Nanning Garden Expo Park basically completed in August this year


A few days ago, it was learned from the 12th China (Nanning) International Garden Exposition Promotion Conference that the construction work of the Nanning Garden Expo Park has been proceeding in an orderly manner. The construction of the park will be basically completed in August this year. In early December, the Garden Expo Park will be fully completed and open.

The Nanning Garden Expo Park Project has completed about 69.6% of the project's overall image so far, and has completed a total investment of about 2.09 billion yuan. At present, all the preparatory work for the construction of the Garden Expo Park has achieved initial results: the land acquisition and delivery have been fully completed, and the construction of the park, the municipal government, and the landscape has progressed smoothly. The Qingquan Pavilion (main building), the Garden Art Museum (main exhibition hall), ASEAN Museum, and other landmark and dominant projects were basically completed. More than 50 city exhibition parks are in construction, and major exhibition halls such as the Garden Art Museum and ASEAN Museum are about to start their exhibitions, and investment attraction and promotion work is fully rolled out.

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