Accumulation of housing provident funds to maintain steady growth this year


It was learned from the Nanning Housing Provident Fund Management Center that the center released the “Accumulation and Utilization Plan of Nanning Housing Provident Funds (Consultation Paper) in 2018” (hereinafter referred to as the “Consultation Paper”). The employee growth rate for the establishment of the housing provident fund system this year is estimated to be 3.5%. The accumulation growth rate of housing provident funds is expected to be 10%, and it is expected that the accumulation of housing provident funds will maintain a steady increase this year.

The “Consultation Paper” proposes that RMB 1.69 billion of personal housing loan for housing provident funds will be issued this year. Compared with the actual release of 4.324 billion yuan last year, the issuance of the loan will fall by 60.92% this year.

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