CCTV films documentary in Luxu Town


The team of “Native Land” from China Central Television (CCTV) came to Luxu Town, Binyang County recently to film a documentary named “Blue Dream of Zhuang Region”. It will be broadcasted before “San Yue San” (March 3rd in Chinese lunar calendar) Festival as the first episode of Video Magazine of National Minorities.

The town has the Zhuang Nationality’s folk culture of blue clothing, with strong local characteristics. At present, the “Luxu Zhuang Nationality’s Folk Song Fair Festival” has become the autonomous region's intangible cultural heritage. The team successively shot in the town's Tonggu Square, Culture Square, Zhouwu’s Central Room of Bantang Village, Tianliao Village of Baihe Village Committee, and Mutang Village of Bafeng Village Committee.

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