Liaoluo Folk Songs ring in Liangqing District


Another "San Yue San" Festival (Guangxi’s traditional festival on the third day of the third lunar month) will begin. Liangqing District will lead the folk custom activities with Liaoluo Folk Song, together with the theme of "Zhuang Rhyme — the Romantic 'San Yue San’". By a series of activities, you’ll feel the strong atmosphere of "Zhuang San Yue San" in Liangqing District.

In the streets and communities of Liangqing District, "Zhuang San Yue San" festival warming up activities will be staged ahead of schedule. On April 12th and 16th, Yangguang Community and Qianjin Community in Dashatian Sub-district will organize the minorities within their jurisdiction to sing folk songs and taste the five-colored glutinous rice.

On April 13th, Yudong Sub-district will carry out some traditional and interesting sports activities in Yudong Leisure Square. On the 15th, Yinhai Community will organize the bamboo dance and singing performances near the subway entrance of Dashatian Station. On that day, Jinghua Community will also hold singing activities in its South Garden Square.

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