Shanglin County cultivates leaders guiding people to get rich


On March 8th, Xinhua News Agency broadcast "rich vanguard cultivation, new situation of east and west poverty alleviation and cooperation from the development of Guangxi Shanglin County". It tells the story of the Shanglin County of Guangxi Province as an impoverished village to get rich by being a pilot project to cultivate startups vanguards. Through the cultivation of entrepreneurial wealth leaders, poor people are motivated to develop their own industry, which indicates a transformation from sending money and supplies to helping them to make money on their own.

Guangxi Shanglin County is a key county of national poverty alleviation. In recent years, more than 300 students have been trained in Guangdong for Shanglin County as the pilot county of the poor villages of Guangdong and Guangxi. Now, those students come back to their hometown after graduation with "first goose effect" in poverty alleviation, which helps to incubate a batch of successful enterprises. Driven by the rich business leader cultivation project, Shanglin County poverty alleviation industry has been expanding.

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