Chairman of Nanning Municipal CPPCC visits Shanglin County


On March 7 to 8, Du Wei, Chairman of Nanning Municipal CPPCC, led a research group to Shanglin County to conduct investigations on targeted poverty alleviation and CPPCC's work.

He pointed out that he wished the CPPCC of Shanglin County and its members would, closely focus on five aspects of work, think much, plan carefully, take practical actions, and make practical results. First, they must study and implement the main principles of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, unit all walks of life, focus on the central task and serve the overall interests, gather strength to form a powerful development force. Second, they must implement the strategy of rejuvenating rural areas in line with the local reality of the county. Third, they must actively promote targeted poverty alleviation, and choose the right specialty industry and expand its scale according to the local reality, maximize the anti-risk ability of the poverty alleviation industry to ensure the sustainable development of such industry, and fully consider the living and production needs of the relocated poor people to ensure they can relocate and be settled down successfully. Fourth, they must make the brand of Shanglin County, "Characteristic Tourism County of Guangxi" popular by making full use of rich local tourism resources and doing a top-level design of the region-wide tourism to ensure the high efficiency and ecological sustainability of tourism development. Fifth, they must continue to strengthen the construction of the CPPCC team to enhance the sense of honor, responsibility, and ownership of CPPCC members, improve their ability to perform duties, give full play to the leading role of the members, and form a strong cohesion and fighting force.

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