6 communities of Nanning awarded title of "Guangxi's Water-saving Residential Community"


It is learned from Nanning Municipal Committee of Urban-rural Development yesterday that this year, the building of Guangxi's water-saving residential communities in Nanning have seen fruitful results, and the applied communities for 2017 had passed examination and review of the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. 6 communities, including Shengtian Guoling, Shengtian Dongjun, Shengtian Huafu, Shengtian Xinjie, Guangming·Lanwan Jiuli, and Baoli·Shanjianqing were awarded the title of "Guangxi's Water-saving Residential Community".

During the event, the per capita water consumption of each community is much lower than the quota standard of Guangxi. The water efficiency, water-saving measures and management have been significantly improved. Nanning will continue to strengthen the promotion of water-saving, drive the building work to form a long-term mechanism, and further consolidate and expand the achievements in the building of national water-saving city.

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