Guangxi vice governor Huang Weijing inspects Nanning City


Huang Weijing, vice governor of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, visited Nanning City for inspecting the construction of major project South Channel on March 8, 2018.

At the Intelligent Exhibition Center of China-ASEAN Information Harbor, Huang learnt about the development of the Harbor, and the business development trends of major projects such as China-ASEAN Cloud Communication Platform, Smart Port, Wireless City and “Internet +”; carried out on-the-spot inspection on China Post Guangxi Cross-Border E-Commerce Regulatory Center, Cross-border E-commerce and Mail Sorting Zone and Cross-border E-commerce and Entry & Exit Mail Examination Office of Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Zone. At the construction sites of China-Singapore Nanning International Logistics Park and Nanning Railway Shajing Logistics Center, Huang learned about in details the planning and construction progress of the two projects.

Huang required that departments at all levels should attach great importance to the construction of South Channel, and both the governments of Guangxi and Nanning should jointly work hard to solve the bottleneck problems encountered in the construction, so as to advance the construction in line with time schedule. In addition, all departments should pioneer new approaches and summarize experience to make positive contribution to the construction of the south channel.

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