Nanning Rail Transit Group welcomes Spring Festival, sends out couplets


On February 6, the operation branch of Nanning Rail Transit Group carried out an activity called "Welcoming Spring Festival and Sending Couplets" in the lobby of Chaoyang Square Station of Nanning Subway. Employees of Nanning Subway extended their best wishes to the citizens by writing and giving away Spring Festival couplets to them.

On the morning of that day, the employees showed their calligraphy skills in public, attracting many passengers to watch. Many of them asked if the subway staff can write their own couplets for them. During the day, more than 200 couplets were made and sent to the passengers and they all praised highly about Nanning Subway's kind and thoughtful action.

It is learned that this is the second time for the Nanning Subway sending away Spring Festival couplets to people in public. It carries forward the outstanding Chinese traditional culture and, at the same time, creates a warm and auspicious holiday atmosphere, and a kind of healthy and harmonious corporate culture.

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