Build study and practice base to boost poverty alleviation


On January 9, the Study and Practice Work Meeting of Modern Distance Education of Nanning's Party Members and Cadres was held in the Mango Industry Demonstration Base in Badu Village of Xiyan Town, Shanglin County.

"The basis of distance education is learning, while the purpose is practice. We will continue to explore new ways of putting what we have learnt into practice, and play the important role of distance education in learning, publicizing and implementing the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, in boosting poverty alleviation, and in cultivating etiquette and civility in families and rural areas," said a principal of the meeting. Since 2017, Nanning has established and improved a long-term mechanism for study-and-practice conversion in accordance with Guangxi Distance Education Office’s relevant requirements for “Study and Practice Year” of distance education, so as to promote the implementation of study-and-practice fruits.

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