Sightseeing boats of Yongjiang River expected to sail in midyear


As learned from the Nanning Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd. yesterday, two sightseeing boats are expected to sail and start a trial operation in the middle of this year. Then a variety of ship routes of traveling will be open to navigation, including the ship routes from the Mingsheng Wharf to the Qingshan Wharf, the Mingsheng Wharf to the Pumiao Wharf.

It is introduced that there were sightseeing boat project early in the 1980s. Now, in order to comprehensively improve the banks along the Yongjiang River and fill the vacancies of water tourism projects of Yongjiang River, Nanning Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd. plans to construct the Mingsheng Wharf, the Pumiao Wharf, and the Qingshan Wharf. After the construction is completed, the water tourism projects will be launched with the support of the three wharves.

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