Number of Nanning’s high-end rural tourism areas on the increase


It is learned from the Guangxi Tourism Development Commission that Guangxi has 15 new five-star rural tourism areas according to the newly published “List of the 2017 Four-star or above Rural Tourism Areas”, of which Nanning has 2 new five-star rural tourism areas like Jinsui Ecological Park and 5 new four-star rural tourism areas.

According to the results of the assessment, 15 units in Nanning like Jinsui Ecological Park were rated as five-star rural tourism areas, 15 units in Liuzhou like Juyou Farmhouse Resort as five-star farmhouse resorts, 50 units in Guilin like Daren Village Ecological Leisure Park in Guanyang County as four-star rural tourism areas, and 42 units in Wuzhou like the Tianlong Villa in Cenxi City as four-star agritainment resorts.

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