“Thousand Enterprises Supporting Thousand Villages” action of Jiangnan District boosts targeted poverty alleviation


The opening ceremony for the “Thousand Enterprises Supporting Thousand Villages” action & the celebration for harvest of black rice, jointly held by local government of Jiangnan District and the Department of Agriculture of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, kicked off on December 4. The ceremony was held at the Demonstration Base of Modern Ecological Planting in Namian Po, Jiamian Village, Suxu Town which focuses on selenium-enriched agriculture and has black rice planting of 1,000 mu.

Representatives from the Nanning-based Nongcaiyuan Company signed labor contracts with those from poverty-stricken families with an aim to boost poverty alleviation. Working in the demonstration base, each villager can earn two thousand RMB per month. Further still, the land transfer can add to villagers’ income at 1.2 thousand RMB per Mu. This can outperform traditional mode in terms of increasing income for farmers.

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