Beautiful South Leisure Agriculture Carnival to be held


It is learnt from the Promotion Conference of "2017 Beautiful South Leisure Agriculture Carnival" that, Xixiangtang District will hold an agricultural carnival from September 13, during which the Xixiangtang District "Green City Song Stage" & Banana Cultural Tourism Festival, Farm Flower Picking Festival, Camping Culture Festival, Barbecue of Thousands of People, Pulley Performances and other exciting activities will be held one after another.

The carnival with the theme of "Enjoy Country Style in Beautiful South" will be held from September 13, 2017 to February 28, 2018, lasting for 6 months. The carnival is composed of 27 activities in 4 sections, namely, "Enjoy Life in September", "Close to Nature, Enjoy Sports", "Experience Agricultural Fun, Enjoy Farming", "Be Passionate and Enjoy Youth".

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