2017 Qingxiu District Fun Shopping Activity and 10th IT Computer Festival start


Recently, 2017 Qingxiu District Fun Shopping Activity and the 10th IT Computer Festival started with the theme of "Enjoy Science and Technology, Live a Smart Life".

It is introduced that the promotions for Nanning Qingxiu District Fun Shopping Activity will last till October 31, and the 10th Nanning City Qingxiu District IT Computer Festival in 2017 will be held from September 9 to October 8. During the period, a lot of activities will be held, including "RMB100 Off on Orders Valued RMB1000 or More", promotions for the National Day Golden Week, photographic activities of Wanjin Computer City, sales promotions of brands co-organized by Zhisheng Electronic Technology Square and major mercantile enterprises, etc.

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