Radio and Television System of Wuming District Carries out Fire Fighting and Anti-terrorism Training and Drilling


Recently, the Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Television, Press and Publication of Wuming District, Wuming Branch of Guangxi Radio and Television Network, Wuming District Radio and Television together with the fire brigade of the urban area carried out 2017 radio and television system fire fighting, anti-terrorism and anti-riot emergency training and drilling, and all the cadres and staff from the three departments have participated.

The training and drilling content includes early stage fire fighting and control, coordination and command training in fire ground, evacuation guide and rescue of the wounded, on-site fire fighting with fire extinguishers, education on handling fire accident, etc.

Through the training and drilling, the participants have mastered knowledge of fire safety, anti-terrorism and anti-riot, and improved the abilities of safety protection and self-rescue.

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