Guangxi Hakka Calligraphy Fellowship Exhibition held in Nanning


The first session of Guangxi Hakka Calligraphy Fellowship Exhibition, hosted by Guangxi Hakka Overseas Fellowship Association, was held in Guangxi Library from May 14 to 17, which is a good platform for the mutual understanding and communication among the Hakka people from various places of Guangxi.

The Hakka culture, an important part of Chinese Han culture, is generated from the integration of the ancient Chinese Han culture and the Lingnan Aboriginal culture in the past thousands of years, and is a stable and unique cultural form. Around 200 pieces of works, created by those famous Hakka calligraphers and calligraphy lovers from various places of Guangxi, and original in content selection and in various formats, were exhibited in this Exhibition with concentrated reflections on their creation features in recent years.

It is deemed by critics that this Exhibition is a high-class, high-level and high-quality exhibition, from which the audience could enjoy the best calligraphy works and could closely feel the massive history precipitations of Hakka culture.

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