Guangxi Mass Art Museum Organizes Caidiao Opera Advanced Training Courses


The 2017 three-region Caidiao Opera Advanced Training Courses of Talent Support Program was conducted in Luzhai County, Liuzhou City by Guangxi Mass Art Museum. Nearly 60 backbones of literature and art from all across Guangxi participated in the training, including Luzhai Town, Sipai Town, Zhongdu Town and Zhaisha Town, as well as county culture center.

Reporters learned that the training class employs a mode with master training, theoretical research and reporting performance all rolling into one. It includes high-level theoretical learning and training, combining theory and practice, which helps improve the performance level of the masses.

Students said that participating in the training provide them with a visual feast and opportunities to learn the knowledge of role play, facial makeup, aria and incidental music of Caidiao Opera, getting an in-depth understanding of the importance of protecting and inheriting Caidiao Opera, a national intangible cultural heritage.

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