The work of prevention and control of fire in winter and spring pressed ahead in Xixiangtang District


On the morning of Feb 15th, the governmental fire control work joint meeting in the first quarter of 2017 was held in Xixiangtang District.

At the meeting, Zhou Hongzhong, the deputy head of the people’s government of Xixiangtang District and the director of the Xixiangtang Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Nanning, made requirements on deepening the work of prevention and control of fire in winter and spring: carrying forward the work to get rid of potential fire risk constantly, strengthening the supervision and inspection practically under the joint efforts of all departments, enhancing the sense of responsibility towards fire safety work and making sure of the implementation of entity responsibilities and enhancing the propaganda of fire safety knowledge and the exposure on media to maintain a harmonious and stable society, to ensure the smooth running of the public activities during the festival and to create a safe environment of the fire control.

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