Fifth People’s Hospital of Nanning holds central group theory study meeting


Party Committee of the Fifth People’s Hospital of Nanning held the central group theory study meeting to play the guiding and leading role of Party Committee’s central group on theory learning on February 14th.

The meeting focused on studying the “Communique of the Third Plenary Meeting of 12th Session of Nanning Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC)”, “Suggestions on Strengthening Mental Health Services” and “Interim measures for the administration of public hospital leaders”, and proposed that the hospital should work with the guidance of the spirits of the third plenary meeting of 12th session of the Municipal Committee and take steps in the “6 strengthening principals”, which are strengthening construction of hospital standardization, strengthening prevention and treatment of mental illness, strengthening mental health services, strengthening implementation of grading diagnosis and treatment system, strengthening service management of patients and strengthening innovation of talent training mode to write a new chapter in the development of mental health field in Nanning.

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