“Dream of China and Calligraphy” exhibition held in Nanning


The 2017 “Dream of China and Calligraphy” Nanning Spring Calligraphy Exhibition, hosted by Guangxi Chinese Academy of Painting and Calligraphy and Nanning Yinglian Society, is on display at Guangxi Library from February 12th to 19th.

The works displayed on “Dream of China and Calligraphy” exhibition not only include masterpieces from Huang Daye, Hua Fei, He Qiwei, Li Hongwang, Wei Jianping and others to make you witness styles of great masters, but also include calligraphy works practiced by middle and primary school students who may still look young but have potential talents.

The host prepared long tables, papers, writing brushes, ink slabs and ink sticks on site, so calligraphy lovers can improvise and practice calligraphy as their wishes.

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