Audio-Visual Feast with Folk Song and Dance to show culture of Yunnan


The second show of the 2017 Large Folk Song Performances with the theme of “Meet at Mingehu Lake to Enjoy Folk Songs” will be held in the evening of February 18th, according to Nanning Mass Art Center. Folk singers and great actors from Yuannan province will gather on the stage of Mingehu Lake by then to express the spirit features of Yunnan Minorities with an audio-visual feast of folk songs and dances, and Nanning people can get a better understanding on the culture of Yunnan.

It is reported that the Ashima, which is a singing group and comes from Yunnan province, will perform the Yi song “Beautiful Clouds in the Sky” for Nanning people. Besides, Yuannan actors will also prepare the Guangxi characteristic program “Folk song is like Spring River” to praise the national unity and the beautiful life by the song and dance.

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