Guilin Bank Nanning Branch


Guilin Bank Nanning Branch obtained the license to start business on December 27, 2010. It has set up five departments, one office and one center, which are Finance & Accounting Department, Risk Management Department, Business Department, Corporation Finance Department, Individual Finance Department, Administration Office and Marketing Management Center for Small Business. It also set up 8 corporation business teams. The branch has five subbranches, namely Chengbei Subbranch, Taoyuan Subbranch, Zhonghua Road Subbranch, Dongge Road Subbranch and Mingxiu Road Subbranch.

Nanning Branch takes serious measures to improve six kinds of ability, which are policy understanding, R&D, market response, talent cultivation, risk control and self-motivation competence. Thanks to that, Nanning Branch makes genius achievements in all kinds of work and plays its due role as a branch in the provincial capital. To date, Nanning Branch entered the top lists of each business compared to counterparts entering in Nanning at the same period considering to the level of development.

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