China Minsheng Bank Nanning Branch


Established in Beijing on January 12, 1996, China Minsheng Bank is the first national joint-stock commercial bank with primary shares held by non-state-own enterprises, as well as a normative joint-stock financial enterprise built in strict accordance with Corporation Law and Commercial Bank Law. What makes China Minsheng Bank different from other commercial banks in China and draw domestic and overseas economic circle and financial circle is that it brings different kinds of economic ownership involving in China’s financial industry and implementation of normative modern enterprise system.

Since Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone has been included in national development strategy, Guangxi’s economy has gained an unprecedented development. As the 30th provincial branch and the first branch in minority region of China Minsheng Bank, Nanning Branch followed the trend and settled in Langdong CBD, Nanning. By adhering to the operation philosophy of service to the mass and bound up with people’s livelihood, trying to take the opportunity in Guangxi Beibu Gulf’s development and deeply implementing head office’s “three positioning” – bank for private enterprises, bank for small and micro business and bank for high-end customers respectively, it endeavors to make Nanning Branch the most characterized and best-benefit bank in the region, provides full support to Guangxi economic development, and makes a contribution to the course of economic reform and development of Guangxi.

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