Nanning Financial Investment Group Co., Ltd.


Nanning Financial Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as  "Nanning Financial Group") is a solely state-owned limited liability company  established by the CPC Nanning Municipal Committee and Nanning Municipal  People’s Government to speed up financial innovation, improve the financial  service system, further enhance Nanning's financial priority in Guangxi, promote  the construction of the comprehensive financial reform pilot zone along the  border, and help Nanning become a regional and international financial center  oriented to ASEAN countries. Nanning Financial Group is directly under the  leadership of Nanning Municipal People's Government, and the State-owned Assets  Supervision and Administration Commission of Nanning Municipal People's  Government exercises the responsibilities as the investor on behalf of the  government. Its business is coordinated and guided by the Nanning Municipal  Financial Office.

The operation contents of Nanning Financial Group include mainly financial  and partly non-financial investment, capital operation and asset management for  industry, agriculture and service industry; financial advisors and  social-economic advisory services. According to the strategic plan of the CPC  Nanning Municipal Committee and Nanning Municipal People’s Government, the  registered capital of Nanning Financial Group has reached 1.5937 billion yuan,  with total assets of 2.643 billion yuan. It has 7 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 5  holding companies and 8 participating companies, and is entrusted with the  management of 3 government-led funds and a state-owned enterprise.

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