Nanning Central Sub-branch of People’s Bank of China


Nanning Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China is a local organization authorized by the People’s Bank of China. It is under the leadership and management of the latter. Currently, it is co-located with the Guangxi Branch of State Administration of Foreign Exchange to jointly implement monetary policy made by the headquarter, safeguard financial stability, and provide financial services.

Its key responsibilities include:

1. Implement monetary and credit policies made by headquarter, and manage the financial market inclusive of interbank borrowing and bond, etc.

2. Hedge and deal with systemic risk to safeguard financial stability in Guangxi.

3. Collect, process and analyze financial information, conduct inspection on implementation of the comprehensive statistical system within the financial system and coordinate the statistical work of financial institutions, provide local government and financial institutions with counseling services.

4. Deal with clearing and settlement within Guangxi, implement reporting system about large and suspicious transaction or payment, and facilitate investigation against money laundering activities.

5. Manage and improve the technological construction for system of the People’s Bank of China in Guangxi.

6. Deal with issuance of currency, management of cash, silver, gold and issuing storehouse, and work against counterfeit money in Guangxi.

7. Deal with work related to national treasury at different levels in Guangxi, supervise and facilitate management of national treasury of the agency banks.

8. Be responsible for management of credit reference and popularization of financial knowledge.

9. Manage foreign exchange in Guangxi.

10. Safeguard the system and undertake financial management of the People’s Bank of China in Guangxi.

11. Manage work related to human resource, internal audit, party construction, trade union, veteran cadres, etc based on the administration authority.

12. Undertake tasks assigned by headquarter or branch office.

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