Nanning takes lead in commercialization of graphene in bridge construction


In recent days, information from the press conference of Guangxi’s promotion  of major technological projects and major technological innovation base says  that the implementation of major technological projects and construction of  major technological innovation base progress smoothly and accomplish phased  achievements since the foundation of 5 billion yuan special fund for  innovation-driven development in Guangxi.

Now Guangxi “Double High” Sugarcane Base takes up over 50% of market share;  the high-end aluminum alloy produced by Alnan Aluminum Inc. has successfully  applied in the manufacture of launcher, large aircrafts and other fields. The  company has successfully transformed to high-end products from traditional  products; the first graphene compound rubber modified bituminous pavement in the  world was built in Nanning Bridge, taking the lead in the commercialization of  graphene used in bridge construction as well as forming an industrial chain from  a large amount of graphene preparation to scaled application.

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