Leveraging geographic advantages for construction of Southern Transport Corridor


Recently, with the theme of “Leveraging Geographic Advantages for the  Construction of Southern Transport Corridor”, the 3rd Session of Chairmen’s  Joint Meeting of the CPPCC Kunming-Nanning-Guiyang Committees was held in  Nanning.

During the session, the three chairmen made exchanges in CPPCC work  experience. At the same time, they all held the opinion that new arrangements  and demands were made through the 19th Communist Party of China National  Congress. Under the new era and new conditions, the three local CPPCC committees  should focus on the tasks required by the Party and the country, and fully  leverage their roles as platform for fellowship and exchanges. In accordance  with the principle of complementing each other’s advantages and win-win results,  the three cities should promote cooperation in more aspects for coordinated  social and economic development of the three cities.

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