Foster trademarks and brands to promote targeted poverty alleviation


Over recent years, Administration for Industry and Commerce of Nanning has  been integrating the implementation of the trademark and brand strategy with the  poverty alleviation of trademarks and brands, giving fully play to the leading  role of Nanning as one of the first batch of demonstration cities for  implementing the trademark and brand strategy, making trademark and brand  services benefit "Agriculture, Rural Areas and Rural Residents", advancing  targeted poverty alleviation, and promoting regional economic development.

As for trademarks already registered, Administration for Industry and  Commerce of Nanning has been strengthening guidance on their application,  striving for the thematic presentation of the Trademark Office of the National  Intellectual Property Administration on "Shanglin Rice" of Yunli Lake in Dafeng  Town, Shanglin County, providing registers with the guidance on standard  production and application and management of geographical indication trademarks,  and promoting the signing of one-on-one support agreement between the holders of  the two geographical indication trademarks -- "Pixian Chili Bean Sauce" and  "Shanglin Rice". Under the support and guidance of departments such as  Administration for Industry and Commerce of Nanning, Hengxian County now has  330,000 people who are planting jasmine flowers covering an area of 300,000 mu,  with an annual production of 80,000 tons worth 1.2 billion yuan. The  comprehensive production value of the jasmine flower tea industry has reached  4.5 billion yuan.

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