Offer suggestions to real economy enterprises for reducing cost


Lately, the 11th CPPCC Nanning Municipal Committee held the 10th bimonthly  negotiation symposium themed on "Reduce the Cost of Real Economy  Enterprises".

On behalf of the special research group of the committee, Chen Shiping, Vice  President of the CPPCC Nanning Municipal Committee delivered a research report  on reducing the cost of real economy enterprises. In the report, Mr. Chen put  forward the opinions and suggestions for difficulties and problems occurred  during reducing the cost of real economy enterprises of Nanning, including  implementing favorable investment policies and industrial support policies,  sorting out capital transactions to reduce fund-raising cost, and improving  social security system to reduce labor cost. Other members of the committee such  as Lu Qiuling, Huang Yuyan and Chen Zhengpei also gave their suggestions in this  regard from the perspectives of institutional transaction cost, tax burden of  enterprises, financial cost and so on. Their suggestions received active  response from comrades of Nanning Municipal Development and Reform Commission,  Nanning Municipal Industry and Information Technology Committee and Nanning  Municipal Finance Bureau.

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