Speed up construction of major projects, create featured livelihood projects


Lately, Mayor Zhou Hongbo inspected the progress in construction of major  projects for the 60th founding anniversary of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region  with his team. He stressed that on the condition of strictly ensuring quality  and safety, construction of the projects should be sped up, operation and  preparation of the projects should be carried out as soon as possible, and  featured livelihood projects should be created, so as to benefit the masses as  early as possible.

On that day, they went to the sites of Zhongshan Road reconstruction project  and "Three Streets and Two Lanes" project to inspect the construction progress.  As on part of the "Three Streets and Two Lanes" project, the frontage road  reconstruction of the arcade buildings along Xingning Road is fully under  construction now. The renovation of cultural relic buildings is also picking up  speed. "Demolition for good" does not apply to old city reconstruction project  involving protection of historic and cultural streets, said Mr. Zhou. Efforts  should be made to further dig into and carry forward the historical skeleton of  the city, carefully deal with and coordinate operation of projects, build a new  form of industry that integrates culture, tourism and trade, ensure that the  projects could deliver real benefits after completed, and display the landscape  of Nanning from all respects.

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