Actively integrate into Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to create new development pattern


The third meeting of the Xijiang Economic Zone City Alliance and Mayor Joint  Conference and the Xijiang Economic Development Forum was recently held in  Wuzhou City.

As the Mayor of Nanning, the current rotating city, Zhou Hongbo presided over  the meeting and gave a speech. Zhou Hongbo said that since the Pearl  River-Xijiang Economic Zone upgraded to the national strategy in 2014, the  cities along the economic zone have deepened cooperation, integrated development  and sought mutual benefits from the consensus to the practice. Nanning has  actively participated in the construction and realized deeper and closer  cooperation with the cities within the area, and has achieved substantial  results. Nanning City has taken the Xijiang Economic Zone Infrastructure  Construction Conference as the starting point, focused on promoting the  interconnection of infrastructure in the fields of water transport, railways and  highways, actively integrated into the industrial division system of the  economic zone, concentrated on undertaking the industrial transfer in Guangdong,  Hong Kong and Macao, continued to deepen open cooperation to further expand the  “Nanning Channel”, actively promoted the construction of the ecological barrier  and ensured water security in the Pearl River Delta.

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