Guangxi New Media Center (Phase I) completed


The Guangxi New Media Center (Phase I) Project was recently completed. It  will be built into an Internet Audio-Visual industry chain covering product  innovation, product trading, and technology research and development, and will  construct a new platform and expand a new channel for China-ASEAN cooperation in  the field of network humanities development.

According to Xu Hongtao, director of the project design, the planned land  area of the project is 92.21 mu and the total construction area is 256,600  square meters. The project is divided into two phases, wherein the first phase  of the Guangxi New Media Center will cover a total construction area of 113,900  square meters. It is composed of three towers in different heights, the highest  tower up to 31 floors. As an important component of China-ASEAN Information  Harbor, the project has attracted several well-known enterprises in the new  media industry in China and ASEAN countries to settle in, integrated into the  “Belt and Road Initiative” construction, and built a production and  dissemination center for the Internet Audio-Visual industry, thus assisting the  construction of the Guangxi radio and television public service system and the  cooperation between China and ASEAN in cultural industries.

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