Keep eye on nodes to accelerate construction and development of Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Zone


Recently, Mayor Zhou Hongbo led a team to the Nanning Comprehensive Bonded  Zone for investigation. During the investigation, he stressed that we should  follow the deployment requirements of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the  CPC Nanning Municipal Committee and the Nanning Municipal People’s Government,  focus on the nodes and take the initiative to serve as a front-end service,  accelerate the development and efficient operation of the comprehensive bonded  zone, drive the development of industrial agglomeration and fully promote the  construction of the China-Singapore (Chongqing) Connectivity Initiative -  Southern Transport Corridor.

At present, the road network around the China-Singapore Nanning International  Logistics Park was basically completed. The first phase of the project is  divided into eight plots for construction and the site construction preparation  work of each plot was completed. The construction of surrounding roads and  supporting facilities is accelerating. In terms of China-ASEAN (Nanning)  Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park, 64 enterprises inside and outside the  area have handled the filing procedures for the access of Nanning cross-border  e-commerce integrated service platform and carried out related businesses till  now. The business in the ASEAN cross-border e-commerce supervision center of  China Post has been growing rapidly. The total value of imports and exports from  January to September this year was 44.2464 million US dollars. According to  preliminary statistics, the Nanning Comprehensive Bonded Zone handled 3,468  tickets for import and export goods in total, with a total import and export  volume of 1.068 billion US dollars in the first nine months. Up to the end of  September, there were 52 enterprises officially settled in the zone.

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