Sketch comedy about poverty alleviation in Jiangnan District of Nanning stimulates motive of poverty alleviation


Recently, the Standing Committee of Jiangnan District People’s Congress and  the Nanning Maternal and Child Health Hospital organized the activity on the  “Poverty Alleviation Day” in Huanan Village of Yan’an Town. The backing units,  pairing-up units and poor households in Huanan Village further stimulated the  motive of poverty alleviation by watching the motivational sketch comedy and  exchanging feelings.

At the same time, the pairing-up and backing units also put forward  constructive suggestions on developing and strengthening the village-level  collective economy in Huanan Village and consolidating the effect of poverty  alleviation. Moreover, they encouraged the poor households to build confidence,  take the path of self-reliance, and rely on various beneficial policies for the  people. Therefore, the villagers can get rid of poverty and become rich as soon  as possible by vigorously developing the characteristic plantation and  aquaculture, going out to work, or working nearby. The poor households  participating in the activity unanimously stated that the sketch comedy “Lazy  Man Out of Poverty” gave people inspiration and conveyed positive energy. Next,  under the guidance of the backing cadres, they will rely on the brand of “Huanan  Duck” to organize duck raising and increase their income. They should never be  lazy men.

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