Developing processing trade to restore industrial growth as soon as possible


At present, under the influence of external economic fluctuations, Nanning's industry is in a relatively difficult period for development, and the city's impetus for industrial development is obviously insufficient.

The development of processing trade is an inevitable choice for the rapid growth of the city's industry. In general, the production lines of processing trading enterprises are relatively mature, and as long as the entire relocation is in place, the required production can be met within 1-2 years or even within the year.

At present, the importance of the processing trade to the industrial growth of Nanning is increasingly significant. As the situation in 2017, the output value of 20 processing trade enterprises above designated size reached 55.307 billion yuan. Although the number of enterprises accounted for only 2.1% of the total number of industrial units in the city, the output value accounted for 13.9% of the city's total output value. The annual output value of these 20 processing trade enterprises also achieved a rapid growth of 24%; the growth rate is 10.1 percentage points, higher than the city's level, increasing the output value of the city’s industries above designated size by 3.1 percentage points, and the contribution of the city’s industrial output growth reached 22%.

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