36 agricultural enterprises from Nanning attend trade fair


On Oct. 13, the 12th Guangxi Famous and Special Agricultural Products Trade Fair that is held by the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and co-sponsored by Guangxi Agricultural Department, Guangxi Commerce Department and Guangxi Investment Promotion Agency, was held at Greenland Pico International Convention & Exhibition Center of Xi'an City, Shanxi Province.

This trade fair was held under the theme of "Picturesque Guangxi, Green Eco-products". Nearly 400 leading enterprises attended the fair with 2000 characteristic agricultural products having won the gold medal, silver medal, copper medal and "Sanpinyibiao" (a collective name of pollution-free farm products, green foods, organic agricultural products and geographical indication products) award at and above the provincial and ministerial levels. Guangxi's famous and special agricultural products of Se-rich rice, fruits, tea-leaves and vegetables were showcased at the fair. 36 agricultural enterprises of Nanning attended the fair with more than 160 agricultural products, including special and processed agricultural products of grain, fruit, vegetables, tea, aquatic products, rear livestock products, poultry products and forest products.

To further highlight the category characteristics of Nanning's famous and special agricultural products, Nanning improved the design and decoration of its exhibition area at the fair. Nanning's exhibition area covered over 300 square meters and was divided into the 3 exhibition areas—the main municipal exhibition area, the special exhibition area for jasmine tea of Hengxian County and the e-commerce sales area. There were 32 standard booths in total with the main municipal exhibition area occupying 20 of them, the area of which was about 220 square meters. The main municipal exhibition area was divided into the 5 special exhibition areas of grain and oil, garden stuff, tea, livestock and others, which broke the former pattern of dividing by county differentiation. The exhibition area was designed under the theme of "Ecological Nanning·Green Agriculture", showing Nanning's idea of green and ecological agriculture, promoting Nanning's agricultural brands, and displaying Nanning's high-quality agricultural products.

It is learned that Guangxi Famous and Special Agricultural Products Trade Fair is the most influential trade fair in Guangxi with the highest level, the largest scale, and the most competitive products. A total of 9193 enterprises (co-ops) with more than 20.5 thousand high-quality agricultural products attended the 11 consecutive sessions of the fair, creating an on-site sales revenue of RMB 1.815 billion and an agricultural products contract value of RMB 58.258 billion, and attracting 2845.4 thousand people to attend for shopping.

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