Over 7,800 certificates of origin signed & issued during first ten months of 2017


It is learned from Nanning Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau ("the Bureau" for short) that it has signed and issued a total of 7,892 certificates of origin of different types, with a total value of 501 million dollars. Among all these certificates of origins, 4604 of them were preferential certificates issued to countries within the framework of free trade agreement, with a total value of 327 million dollars. These preferential certificates have saved approximately 16.35 million dollars for exporting companies due to tariff deductions provided by importing countries.

Preferential certificate of origins is a necessary written document for Chinese exporting products to get tariff preferential deduction from importing countries. This certificate is viewed as a golden key for companies to compete in the global market. This year, the Bureau has left its footprint in companies to promote the preferential certificate of origin policies. It has also improved the professional capability for the applicants of the certificate by organizing relevant training.

In addition, the Bureau has developed a credit record system with the principle of "reward the accredited and punish the disaccredited". The exporting companies are classified and ranked into five categories, namely AA、A、B、C、D category respectively according to their products' risk, sensitivity level, visa status, conditions of applicants and feedback from the importing countries. It is a scientific and efficient monitoring system with rewarding and punishing measures.

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