Hong Kong to hold “Belt and Road” Summit


The 2nd “Belt and Road” Summit co-organized by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region and HKTDC will be held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on September 11, 2017. Themed with “Taking Vision into Action”, the Forum aims to contribute more specific cooperation on infrastructure construction and trade and to promote the “Belt and Road” Initiative with focus on the investment in infrastructure construction and the development of ASEAN.

The Summit includes 2 seminars, one is titled with “Investment on Belt and Road: Dialogues with Policymakers”, which aims at deconstructing and proposing relevant policy direction and seeking coordination and cooperation of all parties on infrastructure construction with government officials concerned; the other is titled with “Business Partners and ASEAN: Promoting Growth by Infrastructure Construction”, which aims at sharing how Hong Kong enterprises take full advantages of the opportunities and providing the industry’s judgment on business opportunity and first-hand experience in ASEAN infrastructure construction under the occasion of ASEAN region’s strong demand on infrastructure construction projects.

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