Consumer goods market of Nanning City develops stably in first half year


It is learnt from Nanning Bureau of Commerce that Nanning City has made efforts to cultivate new consumption growth point this year, and the consumer goods market has developed in a stable way.

According to the statistics, the city's total retail sales of social consumer goods reaches RMB100.231 billion from January to June, increasing by 10.85% year on year, with 0.7 percentage points higher than that of the same period in 2016, and 0.45 percentage points higher than the national growth rate. Among them, the year-on-year growth rates of wholesale sales and retail sales are 18.05% and 14.3% respectively, while those of the turnover of lodging industry and catering industry are 12.8% and 16.73% respectively.

This year, Nanning City, focusing on helping commercial and trade enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, has brought multiple policy dividends to the enterprises; and implemented the policies of replacing subsidies with awards to promote enterprise development, supporting wholesale industry, retail industry, lodging industry and catering industry as well as other trade business and profit making service industry with awards instead of subsidies.

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