Enterprises of Other For-profit Services in Nanning Rebound from January to September


From January to September, the total revenue of 202 enterprises of other for-profit service in Nanning amounted to 12.77 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 11.2% and an increase of a percentage point over the same period of last year, but 6.5 percentage points lower than that of Guangxi, and with the growth rate ranked in the eighth in the whole region. 8 ones of the city’s 12 industries have achieved different degrees of growth, with the increase of 47.8%, 22.2% and 18.6% for the rapid growth of the software and IT service industry, Internet and related service industries, motor vehicle electronics and daily necessities repair industry respectively. The top three industries with the highest total revenue are: commercial service industry, press and publication industry, software and IT service industry, with the operating revenue reached 9.78 billion yuan, 1 billion yuan and 830 million yuan respectively.

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