Nanning EMS launches time-limited delivery services


Nanning EMS had a press conference on June 21 to launch time-limited delivery services to the public. It is learned that as refer to the time-limited delivery services, the deliveries would be delivered to the recipients in Guangxi within the next day and to the recipients in Nanning on the same day to satisfy the requirements from governmental and E-commerce customers.

It is learned that the time-limited delivery services were supported by advanced technologies and all the delivery personnel were equipped with handheld intelligent terminals with such functions as business acceptances, managements and locations, through which customer's deliveries could be handled immediately. Furthermore, EMS service hot-line and Internet inquiry service system were open to the public at the same time, by means of which customers could hand over and inquire the deliveries without delay.

It is indicated by the relevant responsible person of Nanning EMS that Nanning EMS would have more investments on logistics infrastructures, optimize its network transportation channel transformations and provide more convenient and rapid EMS communication services for the small-and-medium-sized enterprises and E-commerce customers in Nanning, and that those deliveries within the committed service scale would be delivered in the committed time limits and if EMS failed to do so, EMS would deliver them free of charge.

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